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Strain Review: Star Mints

Star Mints Strain Review

When you think about how many different strains and creative combinations of marijuana exist, it’s overwhelming. There are endless strains to choose from, and you might begin to ask yourself, “Am I missing out on something better than my go-to cannabis strain?”

You may feel like you’ve already discovered your favorite kind of cannabis, and that’s great! But don’t hold yourself back from trying something new. Every day, marijuana experts and experienced growers find new ways to enhance your THC experience, and you don’t want to miss out!

If you’re interested in finding your next cannabis revelation, all you have to do is shoot for the stars: Star Mints, that is.

Say goodbye to the same old high, and let this one of a kind strain welcome you to a new world of cannabis delight. Star Mints is an exclusive, Indica dominant cross strain that will embrace you in total relaxation with a kick of euphoria.

Where Does Star Mints Come From?

This isn’t your everyday strain– it comes from a long lineage of legendary strains that are fan-favorites in the marijuana community. In the Star Mints strain, the beloved Girl Scout Cookies strain joins forces with Stardawg (a combination of Chemdawg and Afghani) for joyful Indica-dominant creation!

Effects of Star Mints

Star Mints is the kind of strain that feels like a hidden luxury. It’s exclusive, up-and-coming, and not always easy to find. But when you do you get your hands on some Star Mints, you know it’s going to be a lovely day.

The strong indica presence keeps your nerves at bay, even for more anxious smokers. Once you take a hit, you’ll start to feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders– finally giving you the freedom to relax. There’s a physical high that provides your body with a sense of comfort, with an enthusiastic hint of mental euphoria.

Even though Star Mints is indica-dominant, it won’t have you falling asleep right away. Instead, you’re likely to feel a buzz that gives you that “go-with-the-flow-life-is-beautiful” type of energy. With the help of this strain, you can relax, look at the sky, put on some music, and feel like you're floating on Cloud 9.

As far as side effects go, users may experience dizziness or dry mouth and eyes. Remember to know your limits regarding cannabis so you can avoid overdoing it and increasing the risk of typical adverse effects.

Medical Uses of Star Mints

Medical Uses of Star Mints

Star Mints is most likely to help users tackle anxiety and depression symptoms, along with some other possible medical benefits. Some people may experience mental benefits (such as increased creativity) and physical benefits (including relief from nausea and pain.) The comforting physical benefits may help induce sleep. What a great way to end your day!

Smell and Taste of Star Mints

The smell of Star Mints has an earthy, yet sweet aroma that will remind you of an outdoor picnic or bake sale! You’ll get a whiff of the mint chocolate cookies from the GSC strain component, blended with an overall fresh and spicy scent. You will also notice a sweet, creamy cookie-like taste with a refreshing minty exhale!

Where Can I Buy Star Mints?

The journey to get your hands on some Star Mints marijuana may be more complicated than what you’re used to. This is an exclusive and uncommon strain that is harder to find around your local shops.

Most places you go to may not be familiar with Star Mints, but here at the Herb Collective, we’re ahead of the trends. We’ve got this quality, up and coming strain available so you can discover the magic of Star Mints!

There aren’t many places besides the Herb Collective where you will find this specialty strain. When we get it in stock, it sells out quickly! When you do see Star Mints at your favorite dispensary or online, don’t miss your chance to try it out! This cannabis creation is truly a hidden gem.

Alternatives to Star Mints

Considering this isn’t the most accessible strain on the market, we can recommend some more common alternatives.

If you’re looking for some relaxation similar to the effects of Star Mints, Chemdawg and Afghani should be on your radar. Afghani is a well-known strain known to help relieve body pain and give you an overall calming experience. Chemdawg offers the same experience as Afghani in terms of relaxation, but with just a little more energy to boost happiness.

If you want to experience more of the joy and euphoric feeling that users get from Star Mints, you’re bound to enjoy GSC, or Girl Scout Cookies! This strain tastes exactly what you think it tastes like! Most people have heard of a “dessert wine,” but GSC is the perfect “dessert strain.” Sweet!

Why We Love Star Mints

Why We Love Star Mints

The main reason we love this creative combo is the specialty status of Star Mints! When you want to shake up your cannabis routine, this strain is the perfect special little treat.

It’s not your everyday strain– it’s a strain for the best days only! This is an incredible option for those rare occasions where you want to treat yourself to something out of the ordinary. This strain is like your favorite limited-edition snack or menu item– you won’t take it for granted.

Aside from the unique status of this strain, we also love the comforting appeal of Star Mints. It’s the kind of marijuana everyone can enjoy without worry or hesitation.

The Best Time to Smoke Star Mints

We’ll leave you with our recommendations on ways to make the best of your Star Mints Experience…

  • Watching the sunset on a nice day

  • Before you listen to a new music playlist

  • When you’re cuddling with someone special

  • After a luxurious day at the spa

  • On a cozy snow day

  • When you need a pick-me-up

But if we’re being honest, it’s always a great time to try this specialty strain. Try it for yourself and see where the Star Mints take you!

And as always, enjoy responsibly.


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