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Marijuana Moon Rocks: What Are They?

Marijuana Moon Rocks What Are They

Marijuana moon rocks might seem like the white whale of cannabis products. You see big celebs surrounded by them, but it’s rare you see them out in the wild. When it comes to keeping up with cannabis, there are always new methods, trends, and products taking the marijuana community by storm. However, there’s a cannabis concept that seems to be “out of this world”– marijuana moon rocks! Moon rocks are becoming more popular among cannabis lovers, and curiosity in the community is growing.

The name itself may seem intimidating. At first thought, moon rocks look like the kind of cannabis that can have you blast off into a major high. This isn’t always the case. We suggest before experiencing the effects of marijuana moon rocks, you might want to learn more about what they are and if they’re something that interests you!

What are Moon Rocks?

Marijuana moon rocks are the luxury item of the cannabis culture. While some refer to it as the “champagne” or even “caviar” of the cannabis community, one thing is clear– they’re fancy. Legend has it that moon rocks were discovered when West Coast rapper Kurupt trademarked his brand of this special strain.

So, what makes moon rocks so special? Well, they’re high-quality cannabis buds that have been dipped in or sprayed with hash oil. After the hash oil, they are rolled in kief for a rich cannabis creation.

How Do You Consume Moon Rocks?

While they may be a bit classier than your average bud, you can smoke moon rocks the same way you would regular marijuana. You can break them up for your bowl, joint, pipe, or vape. However, the density of moon rocks makes it harder to stay lit– so we would suggest using a pipe instead of a joint.

How Strong Are Moon Rocks?

How Strong Are Moon Rocks?

Nobody wants to dive too deep into a potent strain, so you want to make sure that moon rocks won’t overwhelm you. While standard strains are typically known to have around 17-28% THC, moon rocks average about 50% THC.

The potency will vary between batches, but most moon rocks will produce substantial smoke clouds and an out-of-this-world experience. Moon rocks are known to give you a high that is more of a journey than a pit-stop. By this, we mean that it’s a slow burn, starting in your head before spreading through your body for a long-lasting and wild experience.

Are Moon Rocks Safe?

Your safety depends on your comfort with the potency in moon rocks. If you think you can handle the high level of THC, it might be something you enjoy. However, if you’re prone to severe paranoia or increased heart rate when smoking too much, you might want to reconsider this method.

If you want to create a safer mindset for your moon rock experience, we can suggest a few tips. First, you want to make sure you’ve eaten a nice big meal and are full enough to keep even the most major munchies in check. Having eaten beforehand can also help you avoid nausea. Next, you should surround yourself with a lot of water– dry mouth is inevitable.

You want to steady your pace when trying moon rocks, so you don’t get stuck in a haze of too-intense results. We suggest taking it really, really slow if you’re new to the method. Lastly, choose a safe environment where you feel comfortable and happy, which will help you avoid paranoia and intensity.

How Expensive are Moon Rocks?

Moon rocks wouldn’t be luxury cannabis without a luxury cost. They’re priced higher than your average marijuana, with the average cost for an eighth is around $100. Are they worth it? Many cannabis community icons would vouch for it– in fact, they’re quite the staple among famous rappers!

If you don’t feel like breaking the bank to get yourself some quality kush, you can always try to make your own moon rocks!

How Expensive are Moon Rocks

How Do I Make Moon Rocks?

If you’re in the mood to “DIY” your moon rocks at home, you’ll need to make a shopping list.

First, you want to grab your favorite strain. However, we should note that moon rocks are most commonly made with the Girl Scout Cookie strain if you’re going to stick to tradition. You can then pair your strain of choice with a lovely concentrate/hash oil of your choosing. The next necessity is something you may have been preparing for, ever since you started grinding your weed– the kief. You’re going to need a lot, so you might want to wait until the bottom of your grinder is nice and full.

As far as necessary tools go, you’ll be prepared as long as you have a pair of tongs (or something to pinch with) and a quality liquid dropper. Then, unleash your inner cannabis artist and craft the moon rocks that will take you to outer space!

The Verdict

If you’re interested in an intense, high-end cannabis experience (and think you can handle the high THC levels), moon rocks might be an excellent option for you. Whether you DIY it or find freshly prepared rocks, we hope you have a great experience.

For advanced cannabis consumers, this might be your next venture in the culture, but be prepared– they pack a powerful punch. So, always remember to keep your surroundings positive for the best experience. Don’t just dive into marijuana moon rocks because you saw your favorite celeb showing off their rocks! It’s not for everyone, and you want to have a pleasant experience.

At the end of the day, you might be looking for a crazy cannabis experience that takes you to another planet with just a few puffs…

Moon rocks can provide an intense and memorable (or maybe not so memorable) experience that can make you realize why they’re the official choice of luxury icons! While some call it cannabis champagne and others claim it’s the cannabis caviar– it’s really up to you to judge. As long as you're prepared, educated, and in a good mindset… blast off! We hope you have a great time.

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