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How To Smoke Moon Rocks

How To Smoke Moon Rocks

When you enter the wonderful world of marijuana, there are bound to be many questions. There are endless types of cannabis, methods of use, and it can be very confusing– even to experienced marijuana users! However, one of the most interesting varieties of cannabis is moon rocks! Even the name sounds otherworldly.

What exactly are moon rocks? More importantly– how can you smoke them? Don’t worry. We’ve got all the answers.

Let’s dive into the world of moon rocks. We’ll discuss how they work, what they are, and whether or not they’re a good option for you! Moon rocks are a perplexing topic, but there is much to learn about this unique style of strain.

What are moon rocks?

We’ll start out with the basics. The name itself, “moon rocks,” can sound highly intimidating. You might even associate it with that out-of-this-world feeling when you get really high– and it’s not far off! Moon rocks aren’t for beginners, although that might be obvious. They are incredibly potent forms of marijuana that take cannabis to the next level.

These fantastic buds were made famous back in the day by West Coast rapper Kurupt! He even trademarked his own version of moon rocks. Since then, moon rocks have been branded as a luxurious method of smoking marijuana. In fact, many people refer to this special type of bud as “cannabis caviar.” How fancy!

You might be wondering how or why this form of cannabis can have such an elite status in the marijuana world. Well, let’s just say that it takes the average bud up a notch– or maybe a couple of million notches.

Moon rocks are essentially nuggets of marijuana that are dipped in hash oil and then rolled in kief. That being said, they’re pretty intense (even for experienced smokers).

What are moon rocks

How much should you smoke?

Clearly, these spaced-out cannabis nuggets are pretty potent. If you want to know how to smoke moon rocks, you should begin by figuring out how much you should consume. The average batch of moon rocks contains around 50% THC, which is about 30% higher than the average strain. However, the potency will vary, depending on the batch of moon rocks and how they’re made.

If you are just beginning your marijuana journey, then moon rocks might be a pretty extreme move for you. These are more enjoyable for smokers with a very well-built tolerance for THC and also for smokers who typically aren’t phased by an intense high.

When you take a hit of these potent buds, you can definitely expect a massive smoke cloud– so puff with caution! Another thing to consider in terms of their potency is the possible side effects. If you are interested in moon rocks, you are probably already a fan of cannabis. But you shouldn’t expect this kind of cannabis to be as laid-back as regular marijuana. Due to the high THC content, the effects will be intensified, even some of the not-so-pleasant side effects. This includes higher heart rate, dry mouth, sleepiness, munchies, cough, dizziness, anxiety, and everyone’s least favorite– paranoia.

So if you have already built up a robust tolerance, you probably don’t have anything to worry about. If anything, it might just feel like you are smoking cannabis for the first time! But if you don’t have a well-built tolerance, then you might want to reconsider.

Our suggestion? Consider your tolerance, start slow, and feel it out as you go.

How do you smoke moon rocks

How do you smoke moon rocks?

These are some fancy buds, so you might be wondering if they should be treated like the average bud. So, you might not want to run them through your rusty old grinder. In fact, don’t even pick up a grinder when you’re dealing with moon rocks! If you do make this mistake, you’ll end up losing some of the kief that makes these nugs so magical!

If you want to prepare moon rocks the proper way, you need to get a little technical. This means grabbing a pair of small, sharp scissors– however, a sharp knife or razor can work too. Once you have the right tool, then start slicing off small sections of the rock!

Okay, so now you have your rocks sliced up into pieces– now what? Do you pick up your rolling papers, bong, or pipe?

The best choice is to either go for a bong or pipe, as rolling papers might make things messy and pretty sticky. So, pick up your piece and start packing! But don’t get too excited. You want to ensure there is enough airflow in your bowl. Moon rocks are pretty dense, so you want to pack lightly and loosely. Remember, these space-age nugs are super sticky and filled with oils that can clog your piece pretty easily.

Another tip that you might find works well for moon rocks is to pack with some classic cannabis. All you have to do is pack a light bowl of marijuana flower and top it off with a layer of sliced-up moon rocks!

Now that you have your bowl packed the right way, this is where the fun begins. Pick up your lighter (a regular lighter will do the trick) and slowly burn the top of your bowl. The moon rocks will burn bright, but be careful not to catch them on fire! If that happens, just blow out the flame. And here’s another pro-tip– don’t touch the lit moon rocks unless you want to burn your finger pretty bad.

Slowly light the moonrocks and watch them melt into the bowl and inhale while the bowl is cherried. Once you take your first puff, all that’s left to do is enjoy! Remember that your first inhale will probably result in a giant, dense cloud, so keep a bottle of water nearby in case you start coughing too much.

Are you ready to blast off with some quality moon rocks?

As long as you consider the strength of these THC-packed nugs and smoke them properly, you’re bound to have a blast.

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