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5 Cannabis Strains to Help You Stay Productive this Spring

As the country opens up and the temperatures rise, you might find yourself with more tasks on your to-do list than you had all of 2020. It’s time to see all the friends you’ve only partied with on Zoom, plan a summer vacation, and figure out what it means to live in the “new normal.”

Many people aren’t just how they’re going to do it all!

Fortunately, your favorite plant is here to help. Cannabis doesn’t have to be for rainy days, chilling out, or going straight to bed. Certain strains can energize you, motivate you, or keep you focused as you run through all of the tasks on your to-do list. Which strains are those? We're glad you asked.

Here are the best five cannabis strains to help you stay focused and productive this spring. Just a few puffs before your workday, spring cleaning, or errands can be the boost you need to get everything done and finish the day satisfied. A note - not all of these strains have THC. Check the THC and CBD content before you enjoy any new strain.

Ghost Train Haze

Hate cleaning, but need to check it off your list before you party? Grab yourself some Ghost Train Haze. This citrus and piney strain is perfect for staying focused when you need it the most. It smells and tastes so fresh that you’ll want a room to match.

Ghost Train Haze typically exceeds 25% THC, so if you’re new to this strain, take it easy. Enjoy a puff or two before you start cleaning. Go for a walk outside and enjoy the bright, uplifting feeling that you get as soon as you put the joint to your lips. You’ll find yourself excited to check off your to-do list and treat yourself to some creative projects after.

Dutch Treat

Dutch Treat is just an all-around great strain of cannabis. It’s not too strong, but with 16-18% THC, it’s not weak, either. You won’t get hit with any couch lock, but your mind won’t be moving in 12 different astral planes. The taste has notes of citrus, spices, and a woody flavor. If you or a friend are new to smoking, this is a great strain to start with.

Dutch Treat is just an easy strain to enjoy when you get up, when you need a quick break from work, or when you need to refocus. You will feel euphoric, motivated, and happy to take on any big projects that you might have otherwise been avoiding.

Sour Space Candy

Sour Space Candy

For some people, THC doesn’t interfere with their ability to be productive. For others, it’s just a distraction. If you don’t want to get high, or you find yourself needing to drive around completing errands, opt for a high CBD strain with little to no THC. In our opinion, Sour Space Candy is the one to beat.

Even though Sour Space Candy contains trace amounts of THC, it is still respected and acknowledged by cannabis connoisseurs. This strain comes from a combination of Sour Tsunami and Early Resin Berry. As you might expect, inhaling Sour Space Candy is like grabbing a bunch of sour candies. It’s a nice little treat before, during, or after the workday. Smoking this strain will leave you feeling happy, energized, and uplifted. Say goodbye to work-related stress!

Grab this in a pre-roll to save you even more time.

Lemontini Delight

Morning people always seem so productive, don’t they? If you’re the kind of person that hits the snooze button over and over again, this may be the perfect strain for you. Lemontini Delight is one of the best wake-and-bake strains on the market. Just one puff will get you out of bed and skipping around the block. All of a sudden, you’ll turn into a morning person. Thanks, cannabis!

Lemontini Delight is a combination of Sunny D x Lemontini, creating a hybrid strain that is 60% sativa and 40% indica. Don’t let its hybrid status deter you. This strain can compete with some of the most energizing strains on the block. There’s no way you’ll want to go back to bed after this strain kicks in.

Hawaiian Punch

Hawaiian Punch

We’ve all had those moments where we lost our focus and needed a slap in the face to get back to work. A (joint of) Hawaiian Punch works just as well! Hawaiian Punch is a great strain to remove stress and anxiety from any task in front of you. It’s not as potent as Ghost Train Haze or some other strains, but it may sneak up on you the first time you puff. Take it easy and ease into the flow of work, errands, or other items on your to-do list. Before you know it, you’ll have everything complete and be ready for an afternoon at the beach!

To save you even more time, we’ve got pre-rolls that you can order to your door. Not everyone can roll a perfect joint the first time. If you would rather spend your time cleaning or studying than licking rolling papers, grab a few of these pre-rolls and get to work. You can also find these pre-rolls in strains that are better for winding down or chilling out, like Grape Ape and Holy Grail.

Explore All Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid Strains With Herb Collective

These are just a small handful of the strains that can help you stay productive and focused this spring. Interested in learning more? Browse through our entire selection of flower, pre-rolls, and cannabis products at The Herb Collective. We make it easy to cross everything off your to-do list by giving you one less task: picking up your products! Register, shop, order, and wait for our drivers to bring you high-quality cannabis. You won’t even have to look up from your chores or your studies.

Don’t stress about everything you have to do this spring - The Herb Collective has your back. Enjoy your spring shopping!


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