The 10 Best Collectives in California

It may not be an official statement, but we think it’s safe to say that most people consider California to be the nation’s cannabis capital. The “grass” really is greener in California! California has grown a strong, innovative cannabis culture. This culture is rooted in history, perfect California soil, passionate growers, and community. Whether you live in California or have a trip planned to experience everything the culture has to offer, there are endless options for finding the best California kush. Here at The Herb Collective, we know what it takes to build a beautiful cannabis collective. With our experience and knowledge of California marijuana culture, we’ve been able to find some o

Marijuana Drinks: Infusing Cannabis with Wine, Tea, and More

At the end of a long, exhausting day, nothing would be more satisfying than sitting back and relaxing with a nice, cold glass of… cannabis? That’s right. Our modern-day marijuana luxuries can extend to a cannabis-infused cocktail or beverage of your choice! You don’t need a joint or an edible to enjoy the benefits of cannabis. Joints are hard to roll, and edibles take a long time to hit. Fortunately, there are other options! With marijuana-infused drinks, you can take your time to enjoy a nice refreshing cup of cannabis and a light high. Learn all about the art of bud-infused beverages: how they work, what to look for when trying them, different types, the do-it-yourself route, and more! How

5 Non-Smoking Ways To Consume Marijuana

Many people consider marijuana to be a healthier alternative to other vices, like alcohol or cigarettes. You can’t overdose on marijuana, like you can with alcohol. Marijuana is not as addictive as nicotine. But there are concerns with the most popular method of consuming marijuana: smoking. Rolling up a joint is similar to rolling up a cigarette, even though the contents inside your papers is different. When the flame of your lighter hits the end of your joint or cigarette, the internal materials combust. Combustion breaks down your rolling paper, tobacco, marijuana, and other substances into potentially dangerous chemicals. Inhaling smoke from marijuana or cigarettes may increase your risk

Top Five Interesting Facts About Cannabis Edibles

Nowadays, you don’t have to roll a joint to get high. Cannabis lovers can dab, vape, roll a blunt, or even put THC on their skin. Some of these forms of consuming cannabis are new. Some are time-honored traditions. Eating a pot brownie, for example, is a rite of passage for stoners everywhere. Gone are the days when you only had the choice of brownies. Cannabis edibles come in all shapes and sizes, from chilli pops to nighttime teas. Before you start buying a cannabis-infused dessert, know what you’re getting into. Edibles take you on a much different ride. Check out these fun facts about cannabis edibles before you take a bite into that pot brownie. You’ll be thankful you did. They Take Lon

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