The Best CBD Capsules – Reviews & Buying Guide

CBD is taking over the health and wellness industry. Even though this cannabinoid has been legal and on the market for a few months, it’s set to be one of the hottest trends in 2020. Who doesn’t want a mood-boosting, pain-relieving, safe ingredient mixed into their daily routine? When you browse online for CBD products, you probably see a lot of CBD oil droppers. These droppers can help you discover the right dosage for you, but they do have some downsides. CBD oil can feel a bit slimy. Dropping an oil down your throat isn’t exactly discreet if you’re at work. Sometimes, it’s easier to just pop a few capsules in your purse so you can have them on the go. There are tons of CBD capsules on the

The Definitive Guide to Marijuana Seeds

There is something very therapeutic about growing your own plants. There is something even more therapeutic about growing plants that you can smoke later. Now that marijuana is legal in California, growing marijuana is legal. You can’t grow marijuana until you have seeds. But buying seeds isn’t so easy as picking up a packet from the store. You’ll need to know what you have in mind before you order. Not all marijuana seeds are the same. Use this guide to understand the different types of seeds you can buy. Some seeds are better than others when it comes to convenience, genetics, and THC levels. Be prepared now so you’re not disappointed when it’s time to harvest. Key Terms To Know Before Buy

CBD Doses for Dogs or Cats

CBD isn’t just taking the health and wellness world by storm. You can also find CBD droppers and treats at your local pet store. That’s right - even dogs are hopping on the CBD trend. If you love CBD for yourself, it might be tempting to slip some oil to your pooch or your kitty. But do your research first. Give your pet the best experience by finding the right product, administering the right dose, and looking out for any side effects. CBD oil is generally safe for cats and dogs, but it’s better to be safe when it comes to your precious pet. Benefits of CBD Oil for Pets Humans aren’t the only creatures with endocannabinoid systems. Dogs and cats also have a system throughout their body that

The Ultimate CBD Edibles, Gummies & Snacks Guide

What do sparkling water, body lotion, and honey all have in common? They’re just three of the products that you can now by with CBD! CBD products are taking the country by storm. Celebrities, health professionals, and your next-door neighbor are all using it to relax or treat illnesses. And they’ve probably already encouraged you to try it out. You can buy CBD in many forms. You can also eat CBD in many forms: in gummies, baked goods, and other snacks. Learn more about CBD edibles, how they work, and what types of products you can add to your health and wellness routine. Experimenting with CBD edibles can help you determine whether CBD is the right treatment for you! What Is CBD? Cannabidiol

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