Important Facts About California Marijuana Laws

In January 2019, final approval was passed for California’s permanent regulations regarding commercial cannabis, putting an end to the “emergency” rules which had been in temporary use. So, what should you know about California’s marijuana laws, and how do they impact on you? Here, we take a look at the important facts. Delivery For Everybody Good news for everyone aged over 21 in California who wants to get their hands on legal cannabis – official codes have now been put in place to ensure that even people living in “ban towns” can access tested and taxed cannabis legally. Interestingly, this makes California unique among other legalized states, none of which have statewide delivery service

What is 420 And How Did it Start

You’ll have almost certainly heard the term “420” in use when it comes to the cannabis industry, but what are its true origins? Numerous stories abound about the beginnings of this apparently innocuous phrase, but only one of those tall tales is true. Here, we take a closer look at this pop-culture term and how it managed to grow into such a widespread phenomenon. The Popular Myths If you’ve heard the term “420” (and who hasn’t?) you’ve probably also heard at least one of the myths surrounding this mysterious phrase. Fascinating though some of the theories are, they are all entirely wrong. However, they do make interesting reading, so let’s take a look at a few of the most popular misconcept

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