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The Strangest Medicinal Marijuana Products Around the World

marijuana beef jerky

Medicinal marijuana is used around the world. It is already legal throughout many states, and it has been used in an array of countries for quite some time. The number of THC-laced products out there is growing, and some are quite strange. They can still provide the benefits, but it isn’t always about smoking marijuana in order to reap the rewards.

Beef Jerky

In California, there is a company that has created what is known as “reef jerky.” Within a ½ ounce serving, there is 134 mg of cannabinoids. One of the appeals to this jerky is that it is low in carbs. The added bonus is that it can be consumed on the go.


Many people across America are fans of soft drinks, and now there is a THC-infused beverage that also includes caffeine. It is available in quite a few medical marijuana dispensaries, making it possible to obtain anywhere that has legalized medicinal marijuana. The producers wanted to make medical marijuana more exciting and less smoky and they have been able to achieve this goal.

Breath Spray

Some people cannot be bothered with rolling a joint or eating a brownie. Cannabis Care has taken a unique approach and created a breath spray that provides the THC. It is made from organically-grown cannabis and it is infused into a blend of honey, glycerin, and alcohol. The pen-like spray can be kept in a pocket or purse, providing a hit when needed.


It should come as no surprise that Seattle has managed a way to infuse THC extract into coffee, considering they are the coffee capital of the country. Now that Washington has legalized medical marijuana, hipsters are able to get the powerful buzz as a result of coffee grounds being steeped in THC extract and water. Amsterdam has been doing it for years, and they have coffee shops that double as dispensaries.

Gummy Bears

EdiPure makes gummy bears that look exactly like the ordinary gummy bears that you may be used to consuming. The only difference is that there is 10 mg of THC inside of them. This allows you to be discreet as you medicate, getting the buzz that goes along with it as well.

CBD Patches

Mary’s Medicinals offers CBD patches. Just like you may have worn when you were trying to stop smoking cigarettes, you can now place the patch on any veiny area of skin, such as an ankle or wrist. These have top reviews and begin reaching full effect approximately 3 to 4 hours after application.

Infused Products

Many countries have been infusing THC into products for years. This includes not only food, but also beverages. Some of the different products that have bene infused with medical marijuana include chocolate taffy, jam, granola bars, and more. Many of these products are also gluten-free as well as vegan in order to appeal to everyone’s diet.

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