Best Marijuana Collectives in California

Marijuana is bigger than ever in California. According to 2018 statistics, California makes more money from weed sales than any other state, including Colorado and Washington. This is largely thanks to the wide availability of marijuana retailers across The Golden State. Many dispensaries in California operate as marijuana collectives. These allow you to sign up as a member to make it easy to purchase weed either in-store or get it delivered directly to your door. Whether you need weed for recreational or medical purposes, here are some of the best marijuana collectives in California. The Herb Collective - Orange County, CA The Herb Collective provides marijuana delivery across the Orange Co

Growing Your Own Marijuana in California

Growing your own marijuana in California is legal, cheap, and the sunny weather provides the perfect growing environment. With just a few marijuana seeds and some water and compost, you can easily grow your favorite strains outdoors. You can also grow marijuana indoors, although you’ll have to spend a bit more on equipment. California laws allow anyone 21 years of age or above to grow up to six plants at home. Many people choose to grow their own weed, although it’ll take a few months before you can smoke it. Due to the growing marijuana business opportunities in California, many people even take up growing to make money. Here’s a guide to everything you need to know about growing your own m

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