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Hard to Grow Marijuana Strains

There’s a reason for higher cost top shelf marijuana strains and that’s because they are more challenging to grow. There are more requirements in the growing process, they take much longer time to grow than the ordinary strain and the return on investment can be very low. Nonetheless, growers will grow these strains when they are looking for a challenge, because the end result will be different and rare, as well as have a stronger potency.


Headband is a household name for marijuana enthusiasts. It is a combination of two potent strains, OG Kush and Sour Diesel. What makes growing the headband strain difficult to grow is its small size of buds. That makes it difficult to get a good amount grown with good quality.

San Fernando Valley OG

The SFV OG strain is very popular in California and is known for its good taste, strong potency, and beautiful look. What makes the SFV OG hard to grow is it requires a long grow time, a lot of calcium and magnesium, and a lot of attention because it is important to not overfeed or underfeed these elements to get the best results.

Colombian Gold

Famous for deriving from Colombian mountains, the Colombian Gold is challenging to grow because it requires a lot of grow space and time and has high chance of growing errors. Essentially, it requires a lot of attention because it needs the same attributes and conditions it would get the mountains of Colombia.

Chocolate Thai

The Chocolate Thai is a foreign strain that is known for its unique potency. These, like the other strains, also takes a long time to grow and a lot of skill. The end result of growing Chocolate Thai definitely makes it a worthwhile challenge, however.

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