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Brass Knuckles Vape Pen Review

When you want to smoke more discreetly, rolling up a joint just isn’t an option. A sleek and shiny vape pen, however, will do the trick.

Vape pens give you the freedom of getting a heavy dose of cannabis without lighting up or turning heads. When it comes to vape pens, we highly recommend Brass Knuckles OG.

We’re not the only dispensary recommending Brass Knuckles. Brass Knuckles is a popular brand of vape pens, but a BK cartridge worth the money? Throughout this post, we’ll dive deep into the Brass Knuckles brand and explore all of the vape products they have on the market.

(TL;DR Brass Knuckles is an excellent, high-quality brand that offers potent cartridges with optimal flavor.)

About Brass Knuckles

brass knuckles

Brass Knuckles OG is a Los Angeles-based brand offering the best cannabis oil products on the market. Established in 1996, Brass Knuckles has consistently held its place as a leader in both producing pens and cartridge that give you the most out of each puff.

Brass Knuckles OG offers a wide variety of top-shelf 1-gram cartridges. Whether you enjoy sativa, indica, or hybrid strains, you can get impeccable taste and a hell of a high from these potent, pure cartridges. As soon as the oil starts to vaporize, you’ll know what you’re inhaling and you’ll get all of the best flavors and scents from your strain of choice.

Why Brass Knuckles Vape Pens Are The Highest Quality You Can Buy

Pure and potent pens are the name of the Brass Knuckles OG game. But what puts Brass Knuckles pens at the top of the industry?

Quartz Atomizers

Each Brass Knuckles pen is made out of quartz atomizer, which is the piece that heats up the cannabis oil. Quartz is the preferred material for atomizers and gives you the most out of each hit. As opposed to ceramic, quartz is more efficient at encouraging airflow so nothing is wasted. And with the selection of cartridges that Brass Knuckles carries, you’ll want every last bit of what you’re taking in.

Long-Lasting Batteries

The Brass Knuckles batteries are available in gold and wood finish varieties. Each battery offers a long charge and adjustable settings. Since Brass Knuckles cartridges are so potent, the adjustable settings give users plenty of options no matter how high their tolerance is or when they plan on getting high.

The Best Strains With No Additives

Brass Knuckles only uses exclusively top-shelf strains. No additives are added to the oil so nothing stands between you and the strain. Fans of the vape pens love that they can taste the strain as soon as they take a hit, and it doesn’t disappear until the last puff. Each strain has its own unique flavor, but users frequently report enjoying the soapy taste of terpenes with each puff. That terpene taste prepares you for how you’re going to feel quickly after your first few hits; high as a kite.

Each piece of the Brass Knuckles vape pens is designed to give you the most out of each oil. Individual cartridges often reach 70-87% potency; you won’t need more than one or two puffs at a time. These highly concentrated cartridges give you more bang for your buck, and keep you puffing for a longer time than with most pens.

Brass Knuckles Vape Cartridges: Our Top Picks

Brass Knuckles consistently makes the list of our favorite vape cartridges online. (Check out our full list on our recent blog post.) If you have trouble picking your first flavor from Brass Knuckles, we recommend these options:

Sativa: Brass Knuckles Jack Herer Cartridge

Got a lot on your mind? Not anymore. The Brass Knuckles Jack Herer gives users a clear head and a light sense of euphoria. This cartridge is ideal for a wake and bake that leaves you feeling relaxed about the day ahead. Jack Herer offers a flavor that tastes like pine for users that prefer a spicier taste to something sweet. Brass Knuckles offers one of the stronger sativa cartridges on the market with potency in the 80% range.

Brass Knuckles offers a full range of sativa cartridges, including:

  • Maui

  • Sour Apple

  • Sour Diesel

  • Tangie

  • Strawberry Cough

  • Blue Dream

Indica: Brass Knuckles Grape God Cartridge

Formally known as Grand Daddy Purple, Grape God is a strain that winds body and mind down for the day. The name won’t deceive anyone; the flavor is all grapey goodness. Think grape Jolly ranchers or other sweet grape candy. A puff of Grape God is smooth, leaving the mind in good spirits and the body nice and heavy.

Try out other high-quality indica strains, including:

  • Napalm OG

  • Do-Si-Do

  • SFV OG

  • Tahoe OG

  • Skywalker

  • Blueberry

Hybrid: Brass Knuckles Abracadabra Vape Cartridge

Start off your afternoon on a sweet note; the Brass Knuckles Abracadabra offers a smooth, potent hit that tastes like lime candy. This cartridge offers a happy “head high” that keeps you up and moving even during an afternoon slump. This vape oil has up to 87% potency, giving you more for your money.

Get the Brass Knuckles Abracadabra Vape Oil Cartridge here.

In addition to Abracadabra, hybrid fans can indulge in these Brass Knuckle cartridges:

  • Gushers X Connected

  • Banana OG

  • Forbidden Fruit

  • Gelato

  • Gorilla Glue #4

  • Girl Scout Cookies

Buy Brass Knuckles Online From Certified Retailers

Brass Knuckles offers a big variety of flavors and strains, but one thing is consistent with every Brass Knuckles product: you will only need one or two hits to feel the effects of the most high-quality strains on the market.

The buzz that Brass Knuckles has generated is making it one of the hottest vape pens to get your hands on this year. Unfortunately, counterfeit pens have been found on the market using the Brass Knuckles name. If you are looking to try Brass Knuckles out for yourself, make sure to visit a licensed dispensary in California and Nevada where they are sold. This is the only way to guarantee that you are getting a high-quality product with high-quality ingredients.

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