The 10 Best Vape Pens for Cannabis

Vaporizing, also known as vaping, is one of the best ways to consume cannabis. Research has shown that inhaling cannabis products via a vape pen is safe and can even improve your respiratory health. It’s also easy and convenient, making it a good choice for anyone. But first, you’ll need a vape pen. A vape pen can be used for all kinds of vapor cartridges, offering cannabis products with different levels of CBD and THC. You’ll be able to get all of the medical benefits of cannabis concentrates on-the-go. You’ll want a vape pen that’s easy to use, affordable, and lasts for a long time. All of these pens make for great practical choices. Here are some of the best vape pens for cannabis in 2018

8 Different Ways To Consume Marijuana

If you want to experience the effects of marijuana, smoking isn’t your only option. Today there are many different ways to consume cannabis, whether it be orally, via inhalation or even by applying it to your skin. Everyone likes to consume cannabis in different ways and each method has its own pros and cons. Trying marijuana in different ways can also have different effects- some are more potent and some give a longer-lasting high. Here are 8 different ways to consume cannabis for you to decide on your personal preference. 1. Smoking Marijuana The most obvious choice, it goes without saying that marijuana can be smoked. There are, however, different ways to smoke it. Rolling your weed with

Sativa vs. Indica vs. Hybrid: What’s the Difference?

Marijuana comes in various different strains, generally divided into three types: indica, sativa, and hybrid. Sativa and indica are two distinct types of marijuana plants, but the two can also be bred together to create hybrid plants. In addition to looking and growing differently, they may have different effects when inhaled. In general, sativa strains are said to be more uplifting. They can make you more focused, creative, and energetic. Indica strains are believed to have a more sedating effect, often used for physical and mental relaxation. Hybrid strains offer properties of both in varying degrees. So how is each strain used, and which is best-suited for different medical and recreation

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