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Buying Weed Online: FAQ

buying weed online

The marijuana industry is growing fast all over the United States. With weed being more legal and acceptable than ever, tons of people are getting their fill of marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes.

The marijuana delivery sector is also booming. Smokers can order their weed online or via their smartphone and get it within an hour, just like with ordering pizza. It’s safe, convenient, and you can find a range of other cannabis products online including edibles, CBD oil, and vape cartridges.

Those who order weed online can do so with peace of mind. Providing you stick to state laws and don’t exceed possession limits, you can enjoy your marijuana hassle-free. Considering the ease and efficiency, many people prefer to get marijuana delivered.

There are many questions people have when buying weed online, so here’s a helpful FAQ to help.

How do I buy weed online?

Buying weed online is simple for anyone. You can register for an account at an online dispensary with a few simple details. You will have to provide a state licensed I.D. to prove you’re 21 or over. Once this is verified, you can order instantly and get fast and efficient delivery.

The speed of delivery will depend on where you’re ordering from. Some online dispensaries offer shipping, however, for speedy delivery, you should order from a local dispensary. For instance, you can shop online with us for delivery within one hour to the Orange County area.

You can browse all kinds of cannabis products, ranging from flower products to edibles, and add them to your basket for delivery straight to your door.

Is buying weed online legal?

The legality of buying weed generally depends on the laws and regulations of your area.

The Adult Use Marijuana Act in California allows any adult 21 or over to purchase and possess up to one ounce of cannabis or eight grams of cannabis concentrates.

Buying cannabis seeds is also an option- you are able to plant and cultivate up to six live marijuana plants and possess the cannabis produced.

Medical marijuana patients can exceed regular limits depending on their medical needs. Make sure you provide your medical license and CA RX Medical Recommendation. Medical users with a state medical ID card are also exempt from sales tax for medical cannabis.

You must still adhere to certain laws and regulations. Consuming cannabis products in public (barring state-licensed premises) can result in a $100 fine. However, getting marijuana delivered and smoking it privately is safe.

How much does it cost to buy weed online?

Buying weed online can often work out cheaper than buying in-store. Various deals are available and buying in higher quantities can often lead to a great deal.

For instance, Platinum Candy could cost you $11 for a gram or $65 for 7 grams. Many customers prefer to buy in higher quantities for this reason, in addition to saving on delivery costs.

The price also depends on the strain (or type of product) you’re buying. More potent or popular products will often cost more. You may also have to pay extra for delivery, depending on the total cost of your order.

How much does marijuana delivery cost?

Cost of delivery can also vary depending on your location and where you order from. In general, you can get free delivery providing you spend over a certain amount.

Most services offer a flat rate or offer free delivery if you order over a certain amount. The industry standard for delivery is $50 and up, so it’s worth stocking up on marijuana if you’re ordering online.

For instance, if you live in the Orange County regional area you can get free delivery for orders $50 and over. Orders lower than $50 are subject to a $15 service charge.

How does delivery work and how do I pay?

Getting weed delivered to you is much like ordering food. You don’t have to pay anything until it arrives at your delivery location, then you can pay in cash upfront.

After ordering, your products will be delivered to you within a short timeframe. Your delivery will be tracked so you know exactly when it’s coming and you can pay on the door.

You can also pay for weed delivery by card. However, you may be subject to an extra charge.

How much weed can I buy online?

You can order as much weed as you want, providing you keep within legal limits.

You can also buy marijuana in different quantities. Flower products are generally available in 1 Gram, 4 Gram, 7 Gram, 14 Gram, and 28 Gram increments. Buying more generally gives you a better price per gram, so many customers choose to buy a half or quarter when ordering weed.

Other products are also available in various quantities. You can buy as little as .5 Grams of concentrates like shatter and resin or edibles in various amounts. You can also buy multiple products together, for instance, seeds, flower, and concentrates, as long as you keep within legal possession amounts.

Can I buy vape products online?

Yes. Just like other products, you can order from a range of vape pens for delivery. These offer a fantastic way to smoke, both for herbal products and medical products like CBD oil and concentrates.

You can also order vape cartridges online, so if you run out of vapor, it’s easy to get your refill delivered straight to your door.

Can I buy other cannabis products online?

Yes. Like with flower products, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, and CBD products are available online for quick and easy delivery.

These are available types and quantities, so you may wish to order marijuana cookies or CBD vitamin gummies, for example.

You can also order various different products together. Bear in mind that some products are subject to different state limits. In California, you can possess up to an ounce of flower product but only 8 grams of cannabis concentrates.

What are the benefits of buying weed online?

Buying weed online has many benefits over buying in-store and especially buying on the street.

It’s safe and discreet. You can have your weed and marijuana products delivered to you and keep them privately in your home. There’s no hassle and no worries about anyone knowing what you’re ordering.

It’s also incredibly convenient. Just like ordering food, you can make an online order via your browser or smartphone and have it at your door within an hour or less.

Buying online also makes it easy to browse through all types of products, check out special offers, and finetune your basket to get exactly what you want. Overall it’s a cheap, efficient, and convenient method to fulfill all of your marijuana needs.

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